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XYZ Smart Collagen

‘Collagen’ is one of those words that we all know is important for youthfulness – but few of us know the reasons why. In simple terms, it’s the ingredient that can roll back the years and make your skin stop in time.
XYZ Smart Collagen is the latest product to try and promote the production […]

Niacin MAX

Niacin or commonly known as Vitamin B3 is one of the 8 B Vitamins that our body needs. All the B Vitamins help our bodies convert carbohydrates to glucose that our body uses as fuel to produce energy.
There are different kinds of niacin supplement products that are used to enhance their endurance and stamina during […]

Green Magic By Proto-col

The health guides tell us to consume ‘5 a day’, but anyone with a modern schedule will tell you that this is nigh-on-impossible.
Modern lifestyles mean that we just can’t consume as many vegetables as we should – and this is where Green Magic steps in. This powder-based supplement can immediately supply your body with its […]

NUYU Superfood

Green super foods are big business at the moment – you only have to look at the commotion that Elle Macpherson’s product has caused.
When we found out that Bauer Nutrition were the latest on the block to release one of these supplements, it would be fair to say that we were quite excited. Here is […]


Editor Review
Some might suggest that celebrities and the “thin” image that the UK press like to encourage should be sufficient motivation for us all to hit the gym and fine-tune our bodies.
Unfortunately, a lot of us just can’t get “in the zone” and motivated to do this. This has paved the way for Muscletronic; a […]

Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner

We all know the power of reality TV shows, so when one of the biggest faces on Geordie Shore started using (and boasting on facebook, twitter and instagram) about Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner the world suddenly sat up and took notice.
That’s exactly what Holly Hagan did, as we review the product in full […]


It’s a problem that doesn’t affect everyone, but any woman who sufferers from Vitiligo will know exactly how self-conscious it makes you feel.
This is where Vitiliglow comes in – a product made by a woman who has the condition herself. It’s already been heavily covered by the press, as we scrutinize Vitiliglow in detail […]


Every so often there appears to be a major development in the weight loss industry; and PhenQ could just be that.
This is a supplement that tackles weight loss from multiple angles, as we take a look at it in-detail through the course of this review.
The breakdown on PhenQ

PhenQ is a natural supplement that is […]

Collagen Capsules by Proto-col

There’s one thing that everyone will always want to be; and that’s to stay young. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder than ever to stop the rigors of life adding years to our face.
This is where Collagen Capsules enter the picture and as the name suggests, they are primed with the task of boosting our collagen […]

Super Greens Powder

Every so often health experts have a ‘eureka!’ moment – and this seems to have occurred with the development of alkalising super green supplements.
Designed to bring your body’s PH levels back to normal (and improve your general health no-end), these supplements have hit the market with a bang.
Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir has grabbed […]

Slim Fizz

There’s a big new ingredient in the weight loss world at the moment; and it goes by the name of glucomannan.
Slim-Fizz have taken full advantage of this ingredient and claim that their product will help you cut your hunger cravings and drop dress sizes in the process. Here’s what we found out when we reviewed […]

Glucomannan Plus

Modern-day life has got a hold on most of us, and this means that it has become harder than ever before to stick to a rigid, healthy diet.
Unfortunately, when it comes to meal time, it’s even more difficult to put a stop to binge eating and consuming the foods that put pounds onto our […]


Over the years umpteen supplements have hit the shelves, but finding one that satisfies your each and every need is perhaps easier said than done.
This is where WellPath comes in, with this program firstly putting you through a consultation that determines your needs and bodily requirements.
From then on, a selection of ingredients are hand-picked […]


Particularly with summer fast approaching, it goes without saying that men and women around the country are looking to fine-tune their bodies to perfection.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. There could be a solution in a capsule though; with Zotrim boasting a 15-year history that has proven how it can reduce your appetite and […]

Capsiplex Sport

Most of us could only dream to burn almost 300 calories a day more than we already do, yet this is the promise attached to Capsiplex Sport.
The product has been released amongst a flurry of scientific studies – all showing that you can get more from your gym sessions and burn significantly more calories […]

Anvarol – Anavar

Anyone who knows a thing about steroids will completely understand the power of Anavar – this is a steroid that can transform your muscular strength, albeit with several nasty side effects.
Therefore, when we were asked to review Anvarol, we were intrigued. This is a product which aims to mimic the effects of Anavar, but without […]

Trenorol – Trenbolone

Big muscle gains have long-been associated with steroids – and steroids have long-been associated with nasty side effects.
Therefore, when we came across a product which mimicked the effects of one of the most powerful steroids in a completely natural way, we were captivated. Here is the lowdown on Trenbolone and how it works to boost your […]


High cholesterol is dubbed the silent killer, and for good reason. This is something which can cause anything from a heart attack to a stroke, or even death.
For years people have either had to curb their diet, or use drugs which had horrific side effects. Now, the landscape could be changing, with the natural […]


Having the beach body and having the tag of reputation of being “that” good in the bedroom is something that most men can only dream about. However, one hormone that makes it all possible is testosterone.
Once upon a time it was only possible to boost this via steroid injections – all of which carried […]


It’s regarded as one of the most established products in the weight loss field, with Phen375 boasting a fantastic reputation amongst those of us who want to find an easier way to shed the pounds.
Its unique formula is said to reduce our appetite and improve our metabolism, as we take a look at the […]


There is some science in the weight loss industry which is pure rubbish, but there’s also some that is completely genuine and proven.
The thermogenic effect certainly falls into the latter category and in Slim 9 we have found a product which takes full advantage of this method. We’ll now take a look at the […]

X4 Labs Extender

The ability to add an extra 30% of length to our penis is quite frightening when it comes to sexual performance; after all, just how much better in the bedroom would you be for your other half?
Once upon a time this was an issue only reserved for surgery, but now it’s arrived in much […]


It would be fair to say that the average life has become that little bit stressful, tiring and generally more difficult. In some ways, the pace of life has just picked up considerably over the years – and for some of us we just struggle to focus on tasks that we should be nailing to […]

GenF 20 Plus

Losing weight, gaining muscle, better skin and an improved sex drive – they are all things that most of us just dream about in life. Strangely, they can all be boosted through one, natural chemical.
This comes in the form of HGH and through the use of GenF20 Plus, it’s understood you can significantly increase the […]

Cho Yung Tea

Two cups of tea keeps the fat away; that’s essentially the message behind Cho-Yung. Drinking cups of tea have generally been associated with relaxation, but now weight loss could be added to that process.
We’ll now take a look to see if the manufacturers of Cho-Yung really are as good as the marketing spiel suggests in […]


It might be a sad realisation, but our breasts tell one of the biggest stories about us. They tend to be the thing that (most) men look at, while few of us would doubt that they can impact our confidence tremendously.
Therefore, when we came across a natural product that was linked with huge increases […]

Skinception Argan Oil

Most women spend an absolute fortune on purifying their skin, titivating their nails and boosting their hair with a whole host of products.
Therefore, when we found that Skinception Argan Oil can do all of the above within a few simple applications, we immediately took notice. We’ll now take a look at this product in more […]

XLS Medical

Having been around for over a decade, it would be fair to say that XLS-Medical is one of the most renowned weight loss products in the world.
It has won numerous accolades during this time and as it is also based on a simple scientific formula, there’s no doubt that it completely captivated our attention.
Through […]

JAC Vapour E-Cigarettes

As you’ve probably come to realise over the last few years, e-cigarettes are firmly in fashion. You only have to spot the vaping signs that are now predominant in most public buildings to see that everyone is taking them seriously and they are slowly taking over the traditional cigarette marketplace.

Jac Vapour has emerged as the […]

Raspberry Ketone Pure

There are some things that everybody associates with the weight loss industry, and raspberry ketones are one of these.
This is a component which has been related to fat burning for years and in Raspberry Ketone Pure we have another product that boasts the science as well as a whole host of other benefits for you.
The […]

D-Bal – Dianabol

Particularly at this time of year, body image is something that we just can’t get away from.
We’ve love to hide away from it, but with the beach inundated with toned torsos and bulging biceps it’s just impossible not to feel intimidated.
This is exactly why Dianabol has caught so much attention and with this product containing […]

Super Elixir

Stress, tiredness and aging – they are all ailments that the modern-day person has to deal with.
While most of us frantically scour the shelves of the local cosmetic store, others have found a more convenient solution.
It arrives in the form of Super Elixir and as you may have heard from the likes of Elle […]

Proactol XS

Any product that arrives with the punchline that it’s able to bind our fat at record levels is bound to catch our attention.
This is exactly what has occurred with Proactol, with the manufacturers claiming that it can bind your fat at least 800 times its own weight. As such, it’s certainly worth a look, as […]

FORZA Raspberry K2

It has numerous celebrity endorsements, extensive medical backing and some great customer feedback.
Bearing this in mind, it’s really no surprise to see the storm that has surrounded the Forza Raspberry K2 diet product.
It’s prompted some fantastic weight loss stories, although we’ll take a look to see if the hype is really accurate through the […]


We’ve all seen those A-list celebrities with their silky smooth skin, and the question most of us ask ourselves is ‘how?’.
As well as their strict diets, many of them do receive assistance from other sources with various collagen based treatments being popular at the moment.
Skinade appears to be the one that’s gathering the most […]

Ketone Balance Duo

Have you heard about the new expert formulation called Ketone Balance Duo? 
Have you been wondering if it really can help you burn fat faster? Once you have finished reading the information in this Ketone Balance Duo review you will not have to wonder any longer.

The Breakdown on Ketone Balance Duo

Breaks down fat molecules
Allows for the safe […]

Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus – Is it really The Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle as described in theDoctor OZ Show?
Raspberry ketones appear to be one of the latest gimmicks in the weight loss world, with one celebrity doctor even labelling them as the “fat-burner in a bottle”.One of the main products that utilises the ingredient is aptly named Raspberry […]

100% Pure Acai Berry

Evolution Slimming’s Pure Acai product is a pure offering rather than an extract and contains no filler, does this add to the product’s effectiveness though and does Acai really work?
The Breakdown on 100% Pure Acai Berry

 700mg capsules sold in bottles of 60 capsules, enough for 30 days with two tablets taken each day
 Capsules contain only […]

Revitol Cellulite Solution

Although the exact causes of cellulite are not known and it is not possible to permanently remove it, there are ways of reducing its appearance. You may have already tried exercise and healthy dieting, or you simply want to look at other ways of getting rid of the orange peel before changing your entire life […]

Dermology Cellulite Solution

With 90% of men and women battling with cellulite, there are plenty of products available to assist you with the combat. With such an extensive choice it may be difficult to select the one product that will be suitable and effective for you. Dermology Cellulite Solution claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by affecting […]


When the majority of women are asked what the main complaint about their body is, the most common answer is probably going to be cellulite. Over recent times there have been various products to relieve women of their cellulite symptoms, although one of the latest solutions focuses around a clinic treatment approach. This solution is […]

Botanical White

When you think of teeth whitening you think of harsh chemicals and potential damage and increased sensitivity with your teeth and gums.
Botanical White though is believe it or not an all natural teeth whitening product that doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity and which doesn’t include harsh chemicals like Peroxide, and also doesn’t contain potentially toxic Fluoride.
The […]

Crest 3D White Whitestrips

It’s a well-known fact within the dentistry industry that patients pay considerable amounts of money to get their teeth professionally whitened. Bearing this in mind, Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects has been developed to remove the extensive costs and provide a solution that is both affordable and very successful. With the product making some […]


The name of this product really does give everything away, with AltaWhite designed with the sole aim of providing customers with gleaming, white teeth. Moreover, there actually appears to be some substance behind such claims, after the product was featured positively on some of the biggest media networks in the world. Following on from this […]

Mint Cosmetics

There is a general perception about home teeth whitening Kits that they aren’t as effective as teeth whitening done by your dentist, Mint Cosmetics though uses the same gel as many dentists and claims to be easy and safe to do at home.
With the great price of Mint Cosmetics offering as well some people may […]


With 40% of middle-aged men suffering from noticeable hair loss, there are currently various types of treatment available to combat it. It is likely that you have already heard of and considered methods such as a hair transplant or pills. It may, however be worth looking at alternative, less-invasive methods, before taking any drastic steps. […]


Hair loss is another of those hugely lucrative industries, with companies constantly trying to roll out products in a bid to help people with various hair condition issues.
This latest product, named Nourkrin, varies slightly to alternatives as this is based on a tablet system. The company behind the product claim that you just need […]


Hair loss is something that most men over a certain age have to deal with eventually. Thankfully, due to advancements in the field of health care, men “in the loop” don’t have to deal with hair loss anymore! Amazing new products like Profollica are changing the way men feel about hair loss products, in a […]


As you get older, you will start to experience more and more problems with your body.
One of the biggest issues that men complain of is hair loss, with the problem affecting a large number of males for a number of reason including stress, poor nutrition or even hereditary.
It would be fair to say that most […]


One of the big problems that hinders aging men is hair loss and for many years these sufferers have had few options to turn to. However, following the establishment of Provillus, there are now more avenues to explore. Moreover, as this review will show, Provillus can be purchased for both men and women and this […]


Capsiplex Plus Review
Has the answer to weight loss finally been uncovered?

Capsiplex Plus has been the topic of much discussion since its release. While the previous products released lately have enjoyed much success, Capsiplex Plus reveals a new factor that may change weight loss altogether. For those anxious to discover if Capsiplex Plus has found the answer, the Capsiplex review has been […]


Are you tired of losing the battle of the bulge? Does it seem that you try and try, but you are never able to lose the weight no matter how hard you try? If you answered yes to either or even both of these questions then you need to try new Proactol. The ingredients that […]


Nuratrim Review : Can you really lose weight quickly with this 100% natural formula?
Nuratrim is a slimming aid that can also boost your body’s overall well being using 100% natural ingredients: you don’t need a prescription and Nuratrim is totally safe.Nuratrim offers a wide range of benefits, some direct and some indirect, for example with an increased metabolism you may feel more energetic and […]

Zero Peroxide

Zero Peroxide Review : Can You Really Achieve
a beautiful white smile in only 20 minutes?
Everyone wants the kind of white, bright smile which is usually reserved for toothpaste commercials and dental professionals, but the high cost of having teeth whitened in the dentist’s chair has sent a flurry of consumers looking for a good at-home option, which is lower in cost but […]

Peyronies Device

Do you suffer from a penis curvature or of Peyronies disease? You may not have known that you could actually straighten your penis with penis stretching methods. In this Peyronies device review you will be able to figure out if this is the right product to help you get a straight penis.
Peyronies Devices at a […]

Exposed Skin Care

Whether you are in your teens still or are an adult if you have acne you will hate it, you can’t ignore no matter how hard you try and you can feel very self aware and shy as a result.
You may have tried everything to clear up your skin and get rid of acne and […]


Even though acne is regularly associated with teenagers, the fact is that absolutely anyone can suffer from the skin issue. Bearing this in mind, there are a huge number of products on the market that aim to target the problem and each work slightly differently. This latest offering, called Acnezine, looks to cure current acne […]


Whilst few of us are fortunate enough to have flawless skin, most are still looking for that miracle product, which will help clear it. With so many various brands promising us the desired results, it may be difficult to find one that stands out. Proactiv are offering a range of products, which help clear skin, […]


Blocked pores on the skin of the face and elsewhere can cause acne, spots and even affect our immune systems and lead to body odour problems.
ClearPores is a product designed to unblock pores and regenerate pores to keep them healthy and working as they should. The causes of blocked pores are many, some unexpected, and it […]


Have you ever wished that you could increase your breast size and feel great about yourself again? Your breasts are a very important part of your body and when they look good you feel good. In this Brestrogen review you will learn more about this product and if it is the right product for you.
Brestrogen […]

Facelift Gym

Have you ever wished there was a workout for your face? Have you wished that you were able to able to make your face look young? In this Facelift Gym review you will learn more about this product and if it is the right thing for you.
Facelift Gym at a Glance

 Eliminate Dark Circles
 Eliminate Bags Under […]


Even with the current economic crisis, one thing that companies can be sure of is that there will always be demand for weight loss products. Over recent times another has been released into this market, with Quantrim hitting the shelves with a reputation of improving your metabolism while also supressing your appetite. We’ll now review […]


With breast enlargement surgery as well as products becoming increasingly popular and a common occurrence, few of us would think that there would be an equivalent for the universal male complex. Penis enlargement is now an option in the form of Penomet Water Assisted Penis Pump, which promises you a quick visible difference in size […]

Pure Acai Berry Max

The recent popularity of acai berry has been increasing steadily over the past few years, with more people opting to try the supplement in order to experience the promised benefits of weight loss and detoxification, amongst others. With so many products offering to do the same, is Pure Acai Berry Max worth a try and […]


One of the most common and troublesome problems that men suffer from are erection difficulties. Most products take the approach of devising a set of exercises for the sufferer, yet this latest product called VitaliKor takes the supplement route. It is unique in the sense that it is based in two separate parts although whether […]


You will struggle to find anyone in the world who is happy with their weight – people are constantly striving to get more from their bodies. For this reason there are countless supplements available on the market, some that will aim to slowly burn fat without you doing anything and others that will merely supress […]


With so many products available on the market addressing the large demand for weight loss aid, it may not be difficult to find one that promises you the perfect body. It may, however, be a little harder to choose one that genuinely delivers the promised results without damaging your health. Meratol is a diet supplement, […]

Beelite Naturally

Most of us are looking for an effective weight loss solution and with so many products available it is difficult to find one that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also would not affect your health negatively. Beelite Naturally is designed to help you lose weight and improve your health. This review […]

Good Morning Snore Solution

There are many weird and wonderful issues that can disturb a relationship and perhaps surprisingly, snoring is one of these. An incredible amount of couples have to sleep in separate beds due to the snoring symptoms that one half displays, although there could be a solution in the form of Good Morning Snore Solution. The […]

HerSolution Gel

It is not uncommon for women to struggle to enjoy the moment, which will often put extra pressure on both you and your partner. If you suffer from vaginal dryness or low libido, which may be short term or long term, HerSolution Gel may change your sexual experience by alleviating dryness, increasing blood flow to […]


Whilst it is not uncommon for women to have their breasts enlarged, some men suffering from gynecomastia will often look at ways of reducing theirs. Gynecomastia is a condition, which appears as enlargement of the glandular tissue of the male breast, caused by an imbalance of hormone levels. Whilst it may be possible to undergo […]


Due to the fact that around 85% of women in the world suffer from cellulite problems, there are a vast number of companies who are attempting to crack a market that is certainly very lucrative. A product called Slendex is the latest to try and win over customers and with the treatment claiming to reduce […]

Nexus Pheromones

The old saying goes that “sex sells” and this certainly seems to be the aim for this latest offering. Nexus Pheromones has been released with the aim of helping men attract more women by the mere scent of the product. Bearing in mind such bold claims, this review will take a look at all components […]

Creatine Strawberry Chews

Those of you who are serious about hitting the gym know that one of the important issues is how you supplement your workouts. It is important to compliment your activity with supplements that will make your workout easier and also improve the efficiency of it. This is why  Creatine Chewable has been released and we […]

Lean Physique

Even if every person in the world was satisfied with their body weight, there would still be a huge market for weight loss products. The industry is absolutely saturated with offerings and this latest product from Bauer Nutrition aims to not only reduce fat, but also help your body become more toned. Bearing in mind […]


Women will for the most part tell you that the appearance of their breasts are not appealing to them. Is the appearance of your breasts not what you had hoped for? Then, why suffer another day when you can enjoy the youthful appearance of your breasts with Miroverve. I am here to tell you that […]


Many women will be the first to tell you or anyne that is willing to listen that the appearance of their aged breasts are simply not appealing to them. Is the look and texture of your breasts not what you had hoped for, or even what it was ten or twenty years before? Then why […]

Transformulas EyeLifting Gel

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they looked exhausted? Their eyelids were drooping low; the wrinkles under their eyes seemed pronounced? You were about to offer your condolences when you suddenly realized you were looking in the mirror…
How do you fix a problem like that? With an eye lift, of course – though […]

Transformulas Eye Lightening Serum

Sometimes, life gets in the way of beauty. You go out in the sun, and sun spots appear in a spray just under your eyes. You work too late one night, and there are dark circles under your eyes. You age, because you don’t have a choice and your skin looks darker in general.
While you […]

Totavite Complete A-Z Vitamins

Although many people do not associate what they put into their bodies (or fail to put in, as the case may be) with how they look in the mirror, the fact is that good health and nutrition has a huge impact on appearance.
Totavite (short for Totavite Complete A-Z Vitamins with Probiotics) is an intensive, complete […]

Eye Secrets

Recent TV and news coverage has hailed an emerging product as the new leader in the fight against aging.
This revolutionary product is Eye Secrets. Professionals on shows as Daybreak, Loose Women and This Morning have been astounded by the effectiveness of Eye Secrets Instant Eye Lid Lift. Indeed, the entire beauty industry has become excited.
Is […]

Camellia and Rose Eye Cleanser

Considering how delicate eyes really are, it is a little bit surprising to realize the kind of strange chemicals which are placed into eye and facial cleansers.
A glance at the back of an average cleanser bottle will likely reveal a laundry list of unfamiliar names.
The Camellia and Rose Gentle Eye Cleanser is a step in […]

Anti Aging Echium Eye Cream

The anti aging echium eye cream, also known as echium biorejuvenate eye cream, is a topical lotion applied to the soft, sensitive eye area (that is, the skin surrounding your eyes).
This area requires special lotion because it is so prone to damage and will easily show wrinkles or spots. The eye cream has several active […]

Har Vokse

Hair loss is something that affects many of us, both men and women. We often seek ways of regaining our hair or covering up their baldness problem, this is because suffering from hair loss can reduce our confidence levels.
Men usually experience premature baldness, which is usually attributed to genetics. It can also be stress, medications […]


Vaginal dryness is a problem that tends to plague a great number of older women as they tend to age. It is not their fault, they just have a lack of the hormones that is needed to provide the lubrication that they need to have pleasurable sex. Often a woman will not want to have […]


Vaginal yeast infections is a problem that tends to plague a number of women all the time. You more than likely have had at least one of these in your life. You have tried creams and gels and other products that all promise to be the cure for all of your worries. Alaczen is here […]


If you are tired of dealing with arthritis pain, then I have good news for you. There is a product on the market that will take the pain of arthritis away without all of the side effects that are experienced by a person on a regular basis. Provailen is the proven method to get rid […]

Tava Tea

When you’re healthy, slim and happy, you approach the world at large with increased confidence – that’s why it is so important for your weight loss efforts to succeed.
But sometimes, it is hard to shed the last of the pounds on your own. Tava Tea is an incredible new, healthy and best option to lose […]


Unless you’ve had Haemorrhoids you probably don’t understand how uncomfortable and how unpleasant they are, of course they aren’t something many people talk about meaning that you have to try and bear the sometimes excruciating discomfort of Haemorrhoids which constantly itch and burn with pain making life often a complete misery when they are at […]

Male Extra

Male extra is considered to be one among the most popular types of penis enhancement pills available in the marketplace today.
Not only is it an effective penis enhancement pill, it is guaranteed to provide you with an improved libido, harder erections, increased stamina and mind blowing orgasms in every sex session. In this male extra […]

Krill Oil

Sometimes, you have to make the choice to live better and be healthier. It can be a hard choice to make in a world full of junk food and comfortable couches, but there are a number of supplements which can help you stay motivated and achieve fast results.
Krill Oil is one of these supplements, providing […]


SizeGenetics is a type of penis extender device that has gained rapid popularity throughout the world owing to its significant and safe penis enlargement results.
So much so that it has become synonymous with the terms such as male traction device, penis device, penis enlarger etc. SizeGenetics has been helping men all over the world undergo […]

Clear Skin Max

It’s tough out there with a face full of acne; all the make-up in the world can’t make your skin lookclear and beautiful if it isn’t. There are a plethora of anti-acne creams, lotions and other medications that attempt to treat the problem, but only a few are truly effective.
Clear Skin MAX is one of […]