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Stress, tiredness and aging – they are all ailments that the modern-day person has to deal with.

While most of us frantically scour the shelves of the local cosmetic store, others have found a more convenient solution.

It arrives in the form of Super Elixir and as you may have heard from the likes of Elle Macpherson and Miranda Kerr, it can do wonders for our general wellness as we age.

the super elixir review


The breakdown on Super Elixir

  • Elle Macpherson isn’t just an endorser of Super Elixir – she’s the woman behind it. As such, it is already arriving with a superb reputation, from a woman who is seen as one of the most manicured around. She knows how to get you looking younger, and feeling better.
  • The product is made up from all-natural components, meaning that it’s without any of the nasty side effects that rival aids are blighted with.
  • As well as looking better, Super Elixir has been known to boost energy levels and leave you feeling better throughout the day.
  • While it might be primarily backed by females, plenty of men have benefited from the product. In fact, it’s even designed for children over 15 – meaning that it really is suitable for everyone.
  • On the subject of children, this is a product which prides itself on great taste as well which again means it’s appropriate for mouths of all types!
  • Super Elixir isn’t difficult to consume and won’t hinder your daily activities in the slightest. Simply pop two teaspoons in filtered water, and let the rest take care of itself.
  • It has been developed by a medical expert in Dr Simone. She has spent the last fifteen years researching anti-aging science, meaning that this is a product which has been created by someone who knows the field inside out.


Super Elixir Cons

  1. The manufacturer makes no secret about the fact that Super Elixir works most effectively in conjunction with exercise.
  2. It is not possible to purchase Super Elixir via a medical prescription.
  3. The product has no scientific studies to back it.
  4. The product is fairly new to the market, but we still expect some customer reviews – These are non existent for the moment.
  5. The Super Elixir costs a fortune. and there are better alternatives on the market today.


Super Elixir – How does it work?

Super Elixir is based on years of research in the acidity levels of our body. It has been found that high levels of acidity increase the risk of numerous health problems and affects our general wellbeing.

super elixir powder

When we talk about general wellbeing we are referring to everything from major illnesses, right the way to wrinkles – so it certainly covers a wide spectrum.

The product is therefore based on a concoction of 45 ingredients, including Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and alkalising super greens, in a bid to lower these levels and put the body into more of an alkaline state.

The desired alkaline range is 6.5-7.5 for optimum health, with the above ingredients helping to push it to such levels and subsequently improve your health.


Will Super Elixir work for you?

This is one of the newest products of its kind to hit the market and therefore there is a minimal amount of market feedback available.

Something we can rely on are the medical studies behind the product though. The fact that Dr Simone spent the best part of fifteen years analysing the body’s alkaline levels suggests to us that it’s been developed by someone who knows completely what they are talking about, while Elle Macpherson’s involvement emphasises this further.

Therefore, it does hold an extremely solid reputation in the field and for us, this is sufficient evidence to suggest that it will help you look and feel younger.


Does Super Elixir have side effects?

Something that we noticed immediately about Super Elixir was its focus on natural ingredients. This means that side effects are kept to a minimum and none have yet been reported.


Super Elixir Price & Where to Buy it

The main Super Elixir Caddy product retails for £96, although this contains a UV resistant ceramic caddy meaning that the product can be preserved forever.

Once the powder inside the caddy runs out, it’s possible to top up with refills that cost around £36. For a lot of people, the caddy just adds to the sophistication of the product and makes those vital ingredients even better preserved, which can improve its effectiveness even more so.

You can buy Super Elixir from the Welleco store, Click here.

Do We recommend The Super Elixir?

The short answer is no.

The Product is overpriced, and there are a few good alternatives on the market today, made with the same ingredients (using better quality ingredients sometimes), and fairly priced.

Our best pick is Super Greens Powder from evolution slimming, a UK made product, using high quality ingredients, and costs less than half the price of The super elixir, therefore we highly rceommend it.

If you still want a cool bottle, we recommend Nuyu Superfood by bauer nutrition.

Check out our Full Review of Super Greens Powder 


Super Elixir review summary

It would be fair to say that Super Elixir is something of a unique product when compared against rivals and will only be considered by those of us who take an absolute pride in our appearance – pulling out all of the stops.

The creator has researched this 45-ingredient concoction for years and if you are looking to beam youthfulness into your appearance, this could be the product for you.

However, the price of the super elixir is extremely high, and we recommend you take a look at this product instead.


Super Elixir1.8571428571428572Jean Miles2016-04-27 08:46:25Stress, tiredness and aging – they are all ailments that the modern-day person has to deal with.

While most of us frantically scour the shelves of…

Review by Jean Miles , Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Specialist.

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