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Niacin MAX

Niacin or commonly known as Vitamin B3 is one of the 8 B Vitamins that our body needs. All the B Vitamins help our bodies convert carbohydrates to glucose that our body uses as fuel to produce energy.
There are different kinds of niacin supplement products that are used to enhance their endurance and stamina during […]


Editor Review
Some might suggest that celebrities and the “thin” image that the UK press like to encourage should be sufficient motivation for us all to hit the gym and fine-tune our bodies.
Unfortunately, a lot of us just can’t get “in the zone” and motivated to do this. This has paved the way for Muscletronic; a […]

Capsiplex Sport

Most of us could only dream to burn almost 300 calories a day more than we already do, yet this is the promise attached to Capsiplex Sport.
The product has been released amongst a flurry of scientific studies – all showing that you can get more from your gym sessions and burn significantly more calories […]

Anvarol – Anavar

Anyone who knows a thing about steroids will completely understand the power of Anavar – this is a steroid that can transform your muscular strength, albeit with several nasty side effects.
Therefore, when we were asked to review Anvarol, we were intrigued. This is a product which aims to mimic the effects of Anavar, but without […]

Trenorol – Trenbolone

Big muscle gains have long-been associated with steroids – and steroids have long-been associated with nasty side effects.
Therefore, when we came across a product which mimicked the effects of one of the most powerful steroids in a completely natural way, we were captivated. Here is the lowdown on Trenbolone and how it works to boost your […]


Having the beach body and having the tag of reputation of being “that” good in the bedroom is something that most men can only dream about. However, one hormone that makes it all possible is testosterone.
Once upon a time it was only possible to boost this via steroid injections – all of which carried […]


It would be fair to say that the average life has become that little bit stressful, tiring and generally more difficult. In some ways, the pace of life has just picked up considerably over the years – and for some of us we just struggle to focus on tasks that we should be nailing to […]

GenF 20 Plus

Losing weight, gaining muscle, better skin and an improved sex drive – they are all things that most of us just dream about in life. Strangely, they can all be boosted through one, natural chemical.
This comes in the form of HGH and through the use of GenF20 Plus, it’s understood you can significantly increase the […]

D-Bal – Dianabol

Particularly at this time of year, body image is something that we just can’t get away from.
We’ve love to hide away from it, but with the beach inundated with toned torsos and bulging biceps it’s just impossible not to feel intimidated.
This is exactly why Dianabol has caught so much attention and with this product containing […]

Revitol Cellulite Solution

Although the exact causes of cellulite are not known and it is not possible to permanently remove it, there are ways of reducing its appearance. You may have already tried exercise and healthy dieting, or you simply want to look at other ways of getting rid of the orange peel before changing your entire life […]

Dermology Cellulite Solution

With 90% of men and women battling with cellulite, there are plenty of products available to assist you with the combat. With such an extensive choice it may be difficult to select the one product that will be suitable and effective for you. Dermology Cellulite Solution claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite by affecting […]


When the majority of women are asked what the main complaint about their body is, the most common answer is probably going to be cellulite. Over recent times there have been various products to relieve women of their cellulite symptoms, although one of the latest solutions focuses around a clinic treatment approach. This solution is […]


Capsiplex Plus Review
Has the answer to weight loss finally been uncovered?

Capsiplex Plus has been the topic of much discussion since its release. While the previous products released lately have enjoyed much success, Capsiplex Plus reveals a new factor that may change weight loss altogether. For those anxious to discover if Capsiplex Plus has found the answer, the Capsiplex review has been […]


Are you tired of losing the battle of the bulge? Does it seem that you try and try, but you are never able to lose the weight no matter how hard you try? If you answered yes to either or even both of these questions then you need to try new Proactol. The ingredients that […]


Due to the fact that around 85% of women in the world suffer from cellulite problems, there are a vast number of companies who are attempting to crack a market that is certainly very lucrative. A product called Slendex is the latest to try and win over customers and with the treatment claiming to reduce […]

Creatine Strawberry Chews

Those of you who are serious about hitting the gym know that one of the important issues is how you supplement your workouts. It is important to compliment your activity with supplements that will make your workout easier and also improve the efficiency of it. This is why  Creatine Chewable has been released and we […]

Lean Physique

Even if every person in the world was satisfied with their body weight, there would still be a huge market for weight loss products. The industry is absolutely saturated with offerings and this latest product from Bauer Nutrition aims to not only reduce fat, but also help your body become more toned. Bearing in mind […]