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Green Magic By Proto-col

The health guides tell us to consume ‘5 a day’, but anyone with a modern schedule will tell you that this is nigh-on-impossible.
Modern lifestyles mean that we just can’t consume as many vegetables as we should – and this is where Green Magic steps in. This powder-based supplement can immediately supply your body with its […]

NUYU Superfood

Green super foods are big business at the moment – you only have to look at the commotion that Elle Macpherson’s product has caused.
When we found out that Bauer Nutrition were the latest on the block to release one of these supplements, it would be fair to say that we were quite excited. Here is […]

Super Greens Powder

Every so often health experts have a ‘eureka!’ moment – and this seems to have occurred with the development of alkalising super green supplements.
Designed to bring your body’s PH levels back to normal (and improve your general health no-end), these supplements have hit the market with a bang.
Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir has grabbed […]


Over the years umpteen supplements have hit the shelves, but finding one that satisfies your each and every need is perhaps easier said than done.
This is where WellPath comes in, with this program firstly putting you through a consultation that determines your needs and bodily requirements.
From then on, a selection of ingredients are hand-picked […]


High cholesterol is dubbed the silent killer, and for good reason. This is something which can cause anything from a heart attack to a stroke, or even death.
For years people have either had to curb their diet, or use drugs which had horrific side effects. Now, the landscape could be changing, with the natural […]


It would be fair to say that the average life has become that little bit stressful, tiring and generally more difficult. In some ways, the pace of life has just picked up considerably over the years – and for some of us we just struggle to focus on tasks that we should be nailing to […]

GenF 20 Plus

Losing weight, gaining muscle, better skin and an improved sex drive – they are all things that most of us just dream about in life. Strangely, they can all be boosted through one, natural chemical.
This comes in the form of HGH and through the use of GenF20 Plus, it’s understood you can significantly increase the […]

JAC Vapour E-Cigarettes

As you’ve probably come to realise over the last few years, e-cigarettes are firmly in fashion. You only have to spot the vaping signs that are now predominant in most public buildings to see that everyone is taking them seriously and they are slowly taking over the traditional cigarette marketplace.

Jac Vapour has emerged as the […]

Super Elixir

Stress, tiredness and aging – they are all ailments that the modern-day person has to deal with.
While most of us frantically scour the shelves of the local cosmetic store, others have found a more convenient solution.
It arrives in the form of Super Elixir and as you may have heard from the likes of Elle […]

100% Pure Acai Berry

Evolution Slimming’s Pure Acai product is a pure offering rather than an extract and contains no filler, does this add to the product’s effectiveness though and does Acai really work?
The Breakdown on 100% Pure Acai Berry

 700mg capsules sold in bottles of 60 capsules, enough for 30 days with two tablets taken each day
 Capsules contain only […]

Pure Acai Berry Max

The recent popularity of acai berry has been increasing steadily over the past few years, with more people opting to try the supplement in order to experience the promised benefits of weight loss and detoxification, amongst others. With so many products offering to do the same, is Pure Acai Berry Max worth a try and […]

Good Morning Snore Solution

There are many weird and wonderful issues that can disturb a relationship and perhaps surprisingly, snoring is one of these. An incredible amount of couples have to sleep in separate beds due to the snoring symptoms that one half displays, although there could be a solution in the form of Good Morning Snore Solution. The […]


Whilst it is not uncommon for women to have their breasts enlarged, some men suffering from gynecomastia will often look at ways of reducing theirs. Gynecomastia is a condition, which appears as enlargement of the glandular tissue of the male breast, caused by an imbalance of hormone levels. Whilst it may be possible to undergo […]

Totavite Complete A-Z Vitamins

Although many people do not associate what they put into their bodies (or fail to put in, as the case may be) with how they look in the mirror, the fact is that good health and nutrition has a huge impact on appearance.
Totavite (short for Totavite Complete A-Z Vitamins with Probiotics) is an intensive, complete […]


Vaginal yeast infections is a problem that tends to plague a number of women all the time. You more than likely have had at least one of these in your life. You have tried creams and gels and other products that all promise to be the cure for all of your worries. Alaczen is here […]


If you are tired of dealing with arthritis pain, then I have good news for you. There is a product on the market that will take the pain of arthritis away without all of the side effects that are experienced by a person on a regular basis. Provailen is the proven method to get rid […]


Unless you’ve had Haemorrhoids you probably don’t understand how uncomfortable and how unpleasant they are, of course they aren’t something many people talk about meaning that you have to try and bear the sometimes excruciating discomfort of Haemorrhoids which constantly itch and burn with pain making life often a complete misery when they are at […]

Krill Oil

Sometimes, you have to make the choice to live better and be healthier. It can be a hard choice to make in a world full of junk food and comfortable couches, but there are a number of supplements which can help you stay motivated and achieve fast results.
Krill Oil is one of these supplements, providing […]