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Some might suggest that celebrities and the “thin” image that the UK press like to encourage should be sufficient motivation for us all to hit the gym and fine-tune our bodies.
Unfortunately, a lot of us just can’t get “in the zone” and motivated to do this. This has paved the way for Muscletronic; a […]

Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner

We all know the power of reality TV shows, so when one of the biggest faces on Geordie Shore started using (and boasting on facebook, twitter and instagram) about Hiprolean X-S High Strength Fat Burner the world suddenly sat up and took notice.
That’s exactly what Holly Hagan did, as we review the product in full […]


Every so often there appears to be a major development in the weight loss industry; and PhenQ could just be that.
This is a supplement that tackles weight loss from multiple angles, as we take a look at it in-detail through the course of this review.
The breakdown on PhenQ

PhenQ is a natural supplement that is […]

Slim Fizz

There’s a big new ingredient in the weight loss world at the moment; and it goes by the name of glucomannan.
Slim-Fizz have taken full advantage of this ingredient and claim that their product will help you cut your hunger cravings and drop dress sizes in the process. Here’s what we found out when we reviewed […]

Glucomannan Plus

Modern-day life has got a hold on most of us, and this means that it has become harder than ever before to stick to a rigid, healthy diet.
Unfortunately, when it comes to meal time, it’s even more difficult to put a stop to binge eating and consuming the foods that put pounds onto our […]


Particularly with summer fast approaching, it goes without saying that men and women around the country are looking to fine-tune their bodies to perfection.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. There could be a solution in a capsule though; with Zotrim boasting a 15-year history that has proven how it can reduce your appetite and […]


Having the beach body and having the tag of reputation of being “that” good in the bedroom is something that most men can only dream about. However, one hormone that makes it all possible is testosterone.
Once upon a time it was only possible to boost this via steroid injections – all of which carried […]


It’s regarded as one of the most established products in the weight loss field, with Phen375 boasting a fantastic reputation amongst those of us who want to find an easier way to shed the pounds.
Its unique formula is said to reduce our appetite and improve our metabolism, as we take a look at the […]


There is some science in the weight loss industry which is pure rubbish, but there’s also some that is completely genuine and proven.
The thermogenic effect certainly falls into the latter category and in Slim 9 we have found a product which takes full advantage of this method. We’ll now take a look at the […]

GenF 20 Plus

Losing weight, gaining muscle, better skin and an improved sex drive – they are all things that most of us just dream about in life. Strangely, they can all be boosted through one, natural chemical.
This comes in the form of HGH and through the use of GenF20 Plus, it’s understood you can significantly increase the […]

Cho Yung Tea

Two cups of tea keeps the fat away; that’s essentially the message behind Cho-Yung. Drinking cups of tea have generally been associated with relaxation, but now weight loss could be added to that process.
We’ll now take a look to see if the manufacturers of Cho-Yung really are as good as the marketing spiel suggests in […]

XLS Medical

Having been around for over a decade, it would be fair to say that XLS-Medical is one of the most renowned weight loss products in the world.
It has won numerous accolades during this time and as it is also based on a simple scientific formula, there’s no doubt that it completely captivated our attention.
Through […]

Raspberry Ketone Pure

There are some things that everybody associates with the weight loss industry, and raspberry ketones are one of these.
This is a component which has been related to fat burning for years and in Raspberry Ketone Pure we have another product that boasts the science as well as a whole host of other benefits for you.
The […]

Proactol XS

Any product that arrives with the punchline that it’s able to bind our fat at record levels is bound to catch our attention.
This is exactly what has occurred with Proactol, with the manufacturers claiming that it can bind your fat at least 800 times its own weight. As such, it’s certainly worth a look, as […]

FORZA Raspberry K2

It has numerous celebrity endorsements, extensive medical backing and some great customer feedback.
Bearing this in mind, it’s really no surprise to see the storm that has surrounded the Forza Raspberry K2 diet product.
It’s prompted some fantastic weight loss stories, although we’ll take a look to see if the hype is really accurate through the […]

Ketone Balance Duo

Have you heard about the new expert formulation called Ketone Balance Duo? 
Have you been wondering if it really can help you burn fat faster? Once you have finished reading the information in this Ketone Balance Duo review you will not have to wonder any longer.

The Breakdown on Ketone Balance Duo

Breaks down fat molecules
Allows for the safe […]

Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus – Is it really The Miracle Fat Burner in a Bottle as described in theDoctor OZ Show?
Raspberry ketones appear to be one of the latest gimmicks in the weight loss world, with one celebrity doctor even labelling them as the “fat-burner in a bottle”.One of the main products that utilises the ingredient is aptly named Raspberry […]

100% Pure Acai Berry

Evolution Slimming’s Pure Acai product is a pure offering rather than an extract and contains no filler, does this add to the product’s effectiveness though and does Acai really work?
The Breakdown on 100% Pure Acai Berry

 700mg capsules sold in bottles of 60 capsules, enough for 30 days with two tablets taken each day
 Capsules contain only […]


Capsiplex Plus Review
Has the answer to weight loss finally been uncovered?

Capsiplex Plus has been the topic of much discussion since its release. While the previous products released lately have enjoyed much success, Capsiplex Plus reveals a new factor that may change weight loss altogether. For those anxious to discover if Capsiplex Plus has found the answer, the Capsiplex review has been […]


Are you tired of losing the battle of the bulge? Does it seem that you try and try, but you are never able to lose the weight no matter how hard you try? If you answered yes to either or even both of these questions then you need to try new Proactol. The ingredients that […]


Nuratrim Review : Can you really lose weight quickly with this 100% natural formula?
Nuratrim is a slimming aid that can also boost your body’s overall well being using 100% natural ingredients: you don’t need a prescription and Nuratrim is totally safe.Nuratrim offers a wide range of benefits, some direct and some indirect, for example with an increased metabolism you may feel more energetic and […]


Even with the current economic crisis, one thing that companies can be sure of is that there will always be demand for weight loss products. Over recent times another has been released into this market, with Quantrim hitting the shelves with a reputation of improving your metabolism while also supressing your appetite. We’ll now review […]


You will struggle to find anyone in the world who is happy with their weight – people are constantly striving to get more from their bodies. For this reason there are countless supplements available on the market, some that will aim to slowly burn fat without you doing anything and others that will merely supress […]


With so many products available on the market addressing the large demand for weight loss aid, it may not be difficult to find one that promises you the perfect body. It may, however, be a little harder to choose one that genuinely delivers the promised results without damaging your health. Meratol is a diet supplement, […]

Beelite Naturally

Most of us are looking for an effective weight loss solution and with so many products available it is difficult to find one that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also would not affect your health negatively. Beelite Naturally is designed to help you lose weight and improve your health. This review […]


Due to the fact that around 85% of women in the world suffer from cellulite problems, there are a vast number of companies who are attempting to crack a market that is certainly very lucrative. A product called Slendex is the latest to try and win over customers and with the treatment claiming to reduce […]

Tava Tea

When you’re healthy, slim and happy, you approach the world at large with increased confidence – that’s why it is so important for your weight loss efforts to succeed.
But sometimes, it is hard to shed the last of the pounds on your own. Tava Tea is an incredible new, healthy and best option to lose […]