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With 40% of middle-aged men suffering from noticeable hair loss, there are currently various types of treatment available to combat it. It is likely that you have already heard of and considered methods such as a hair transplant or pills. It may, however be worth looking at alternative, less-invasive methods, before taking any drastic steps. […]


Hair loss is another of those hugely lucrative industries, with companies constantly trying to roll out products in a bid to help people with various hair condition issues.
This latest product, named Nourkrin, varies slightly to alternatives as this is based on a tablet system. The company behind the product claim that you just need […]


Hair loss is something that most men over a certain age have to deal with eventually. Thankfully, due to advancements in the field of health care, men “in the loop” don’t have to deal with hair loss anymore! Amazing new products like Profollica are changing the way men feel about hair loss products, in a […]


As you get older, you will start to experience more and more problems with your body.
One of the biggest issues that men complain of is hair loss, with the problem affecting a large number of males for a number of reason including stress, poor nutrition or even hereditary.
It would be fair to say that most […]


One of the big problems that hinders aging men is hair loss and for many years these sufferers have had few options to turn to. However, following the establishment of Provillus, there are now more avenues to explore. Moreover, as this review will show, Provillus can be purchased for both men and women and this […]